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executive coaching

Like athletes, executives have to be at the top of their game to succeed in the corporate world. Moreover, the pressure and intensity builds as you advance in your career, while the feedback and support often diminish. Our honest and impact-driven approach to executive coaching will help you leverage your strengths and address any shortcomings in a tangible and objective manner.


Now, more than ever, it is essential to identify and develop high-potential leaders to build your bench strength. The Center for Peak Performance has extensive experience in identifying employees with upside as well as helping individuals develop leadership skills and close their skill gaps.



Do you need help putting together a tailored leadership development program? We have worked with companies and organizations to create, manage, and oversee innovative programs to develop strong leaders. Our extensive knowledge and practical experience enables us to build programs that are right for your organization’s current and future needs.  


Are you looking for an engaging and dynamic speaker for your conference, seminar, or kick-off event? Dr. Maniar can work with your organization to create a unique presentation that hits the mark. Or, we may have a more "off the shelf" program that may require little customization, such as Understanding Social Styles for Productive Relationships at WorkMental Skills for Peak Business Performance: Lessons Learned from Elite Athletes, and many more.


Do you need a comprehensive analysis of your human resources processes and procedures? Let us and our trusted network of contractors work with your employees to identify critical, must have, and nice to have areas that can help you improve productivity, employee engagement, and efficiency while decreasing risk.

“Sam served as my Executive Coach via a Leadership Development Program at [my company]. Sam immediately made me feel comfortable in openly sharing my thoughts and feelings so the appropriate focus areas for my development surfaced. Sam maintains a calm and supportive demeanor while still challenging you to push your boundaries and try new things. The last few months have been ones of personal discovery which have helped me create better balance between work and personal life and encouraged me to take some new approaches outside my usual comfort zone. I would highly recommend Sam as a coach and mentor. He was truly a help to me and a pleasure to know.”


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